Inner child in the outside world

There are no adults,

just older children,

with less supervision,

more bravado and wrinkles.

With no adults,

who arranges right from wrong,

law and order,

harmony, peace?

Children run schools, courts,

and police,

dressed in teacher’s clothes, judge’s robes,

and golden badges.

Children play as adults

while cities are built and others are bombed.

Children play soldiers with guns,

doctors with scalpels,

house with other children,

having children of their own.

The wisdom that’s kept is in their inner child’s intuition,

the age of the soul is both known and unknown,

dictated by love and the lack there of.

-Jerry Harris III

World of love

World of light that never dies,

fade to night,

still wisp of light,

lack there of

strange luminance.

My dawn surprise

waits in pertinence,

sleeping weary,

sleeping tithe,

less light than my beloved shows,

rise, still love of mine,

still love of mine,

world of love,

world of light,

never dead,

never dies.

-Jerry Harris III

Revolving love

Reaching through the dream,

love both near and far;

revolve each sunsets’

gravitation of the heart.

Beat round the sun.

Sleep beneath the moon

through the howls and moans of midnight

till the calm of morning blooms.

-Jerry Harris III

I love people


subtle mannerisms,

backs hunched over or chests puffed out,

joy and sorrow in their eyes,

personal inflections in their voices,

their walk,

the brevity of moments,

the story behind the disposition,

my brothers, my sisters,

infinite versions of myself.

-Jerry Harris III 

Do not lose the balance held by the experience of the present moment by reaching too far forward or back.

-Jerry Harris III


To look upon a microcosm

is a strange

yet unbelievably beautiful experience:

an atom, a culture, a colony of ants.

In what one may see as minuscule and seemingly unimportant;

there is creation,

a world as our own,

with goodness and want and love,

devotion, magnificence,


This strange dream within a dream

is a beautiful complex of energy,

and we are that microcosm,


Only by that creative unbounded force may macrocosmic tears fall,

and so we have water drops,

and so we have love,

and so we have



again and again.

-Jerry Harris III


If you felt my love;
it would destroy you.
It would shatter the fear and darkness lurking
within the crevices of your self doubt.
It would free you
and free me
to leave our bodies
and go to that infinite place of soul.
If you felt my love you would forget your name,
forget where you came from and where you were going,
to know only that moment of pure freedom,
the intangible light that is love, being, and beauty.
Loss and regret would melt from your spirit
like fragments of rain falling from your cheek
to shatter upon the land below.
My love would heal you
and make you feel what the word real really means,
what the world really means.
My love would give you an understanding that I can’t even begin to surmise with these words;
it would be equal to your own likeness and would save every moment of significance you’ve ever experienced and ever will encounter
in a brilliant keepsake of truth, of freedom beyond compare,
of balance and harmony.
My love would transform your very soul,
evolve our beings to a new state of truth,
a new state of freedom,
a new dimension of beauty and unbounded worth,
the kind which raises majestic mountains,
embodies tear wrenching compositions, music of soul, art of life, poetry of true freedom that echoes throughout the ages.
My love would make you, make me, new.

-Jerry Harris III

Mine, mine, mine

This is not my money.

This is not my house.

This is not my city.

This is not my country.

This is not my world.

This is not my universe.

I speak in borrowed words.

This is simply my passage through the now;

the experience is mine to keep.

-Jerry Harris III

Star breath

Exhale, inhale,

birth, death.

Galaxies breathe new Universes in exhales.

Earth, as a speck,

rotates each star dust breath.

The human race spins

in vibrational depth,

growing out in expansion,

drawing nearer the black hole

with each inward breath.

Wisdom grows and shrinks

with light and darkness to scale.

Breath of all life

is exhaled and inhaled.

The Stars and I together,

breathe separate but as one.

All breath expands round the strange familiarity of love,

out round the nothing

of the strange black holes bend,

never to break

while stars breathe out and in.

Exhale, inhale,

exhale, inhale,

exhale, inhale,

exhale, inhale.

-Jerry Harris III

Those who hurt others do so because they are hurt themselves.

-Jerry Harris III 

An extensive vocabulary does not make you intelligent, but knowing what you are saying does.

-Jerry Harris III 


What language could be used

for words that can’t be spoken?

What knowledge could be evoked

to match the height of one’s emotion?

What textbook knows the taste

of the breeze

or the feel of inner peace?

Only when knowledge meets experience

can wisdom come to be.

-Jerry Harris III 

Do not live with such a great fear of death that you die, never knowing what it truly meant to live.

-Jerry Harris III 

I will never understand why people put limits on limitless potential

-Jerry Harris III

The subconscious conscious


I may be a tiny speck of astral dust,

but together with every particle that exists;

a divine mosaic is formed.

Here, on Earth, where there is much darkness in the universe;

it’s easy to forget the light of the cosmos,

but unbridled thought has the potential to illuminate the connection between all things. 

Thought can connect us to the entire expanse

of space and time.

-Jerry Harris III